Jeff Rayner and his wife Jane met Roy and Hayley Cropper at a cancer support group in October 2013. Like Hayley, Jane was dying of inoperable pancreatic cancer, and although Jane put on a brave face, she admitted to Hayley that the most scary part about dying was not seeing her children grow up. Jane was later transferred to a hospice in order to spend her remaining days. One one visit, Hayley was shocked when she realised how rapidly Jane's condition had deteriorated and the high dosages of morphine she was being administered.

Having been discharged from Weatherfield General following a shock collapse, Hayley was determined to visit Jane once again but was told to rest on the insistence of husband Roy. When they finally got round to visiting the hospice, they were told by Jeff that she had passed away the night before. Hayley and Roy attended the funeral and met with the couple's two sons. After recalling how Jane was in her final days, Hayley came up with the idea of taking her own life out of fearing of not remembering who she was.

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