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Jean Harris was the grieving mother of Tommy Harris who visited Weatherfield in March 2005 to attend his funeral.

Jean was disappointed when Tommy's wife Angela told her that Tommy was not being cremated and having his ashes spread at Hillsborough, the home of his favourite football team. Angela claimed she always thought he was joking to cover up that she wanted Tommy buried because she had hid the wrench her daughter Katy Harris had used to kill him in his coffin.

Despite this, Jean still invited Angela to attend mass with her at St. Luke's Church. At the church, Angela's guilt overcame her and she told Father Thomas about how Katy had killed Tommy in a confessional.

After her confession, Angela returned home to 6 Coronation Street. When she saw Jean, she made it clear that she still wanted Tommy to be buried, saying that she wanted to be able to visit him and to be buried alongside him when she died.

Jean attended Tommy's funeral the next day and offered comfort to Angela, Katy and Craig. As his coffin was lowered into the ground, she said goodbye and told her son that she would "get him justice". Jean left Weatherfield following Tommy's wake.

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