Jean Frank was the midwife at Weatherfield General when Tracy Barlow gave birth to Amy in February 2004. Roy Cropper was still under the illusion that he has the father of the child after Tracy drugged him and claimed she’d slept with him in order to win a bet with Bev Unwin however Steve McDonald had also been informed that he was the true father of the child. Roy and Hayley had made an agreement to pay Tracy £25,000 for the baby and insisted that she marry Roy to cement the legal side of the deal. Roy therefore was equally insistent that he be present at the birth and Tracy reluctantly agreed although she insisted that in the birthing room he stay at her head and not look down the “business end” during proceedings! This led to a great deal of puzzlement on Jean’s part during the birth as she observed the behaviour of the seemingly mismatched parents.

After the birth, Tracy left the ward to make a desperate call to Steve to come and see his baby. Jean found Tracy in the corridor having just finished the phone call and demanded that she return to bed to rest. Steve did visit the hospital quietly and told Tracy that seeing his daughter made no difference and he wouldn’t leave his fiancée Karen for her. After that, Tracy showed signs of rejecting the baby and Jean told the Barlows that she would only allow mother and baby home if there was plenty of support for them there.

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