Jean Casey was the wife of garage owner Tom Casey and mother of Mark. Jean knew the trade well enough to manage her husband's businesses when he wasn't around, primarily Casey's Autos in Weatherfield.

In 1989, after Brian Tilsley's death Tom bought over Tilsley's Garage and sent their 19-year-old son Mark to work there as a mechanic, learning the ropes from Kevin Webster. Like her husband, Jean knew that Mark would skive given the chance and occasionally looked in on the garage to make sure the men were hard at work - although they invariably weren't.

In June 1989, Jean visited the garage to chew Kevin out for getting Mark interested in banger racing, also ripping into him for leaving the garage in the middle of the day to take Sally out for a driving lesson. She was embarrassed when Mark later admitted that he'd lied and it was him trying to talk Kevin into it. After Mark wormed his way out of trouble, Jean offered the men a car to get them started with the racing, leaving them to pick it up from Casey's Autos. When Mark and Kevin saw the car, they decided that it was too big and took an Escort from the forecourt instead without Jean's permission. After some persuasion, Jean agreed to sell the men the car for £600, which Kevin accepted with Sally using her inheritance money from her dad's death.

Over a year later, the Caseys celebrated Mark's 21st birthday with a party at the Belstaff Hotel. Jean was at her husband's side as he gave a speech announcing that he was signing Casey's Garage over to Mark.

Credited as "Mrs Casey" in her 1990 appearance and "Jean Casey" elsewhere.

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