Jayne Ogden was the daughter of Trevor and Polly Ogden and granddaughter of Stan and Hilda Ogden.

Stan and Hilda were almost estranged from Trevor and Polly and were usually only contacted when the younger Ogdens wanted something. In December 1975, while pregnant with Jayne, Polly was admitted to hospital for Toxaemia. Trevor asked Hilda to live in his house in Chesterfield and look after his son Damian for a month as he was working. Hilda was hurt that Trevor had broken his silence to ask her to skivvy for him but went to Chesterfield anyway. In January 1976, Polly gave birth to an eight and a half pound girl and Hilda phoned the Rovers to tell Stan the good news. He was so elated that he bought drinks all round.

In October 1986, Hilda was drafted in again when Trevor and Polly went on holiday for two weeks without the children.

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