Jason was a groom who visited Tassels for his stag night in February 2018.

Throughout the night, Jason was nervous about visiting the club and told his friend Mike that he was worried that his fiancee Claire would find out. While at the club, Mike became physical with Bethany Platt. His touching unsettled Bethany who told him it was against the rules and turned down his attempt to pay extra for it.

Mike then asked Bethany if she would give Jason a dance. Jason politely declined the offer but Mike insisted that she should go ahead as it would be the last woman he'd see in this way once he had been married.

Bethany continued to be pushed into giving a dance and the group at the stag party began to chant Jason's name as a way of encouraging him to accept. While this happened, Bethany saw Nathan's face look back at her rather than Jason's and glassed him with a broken bottle in order to stop him coming closer.

Mike rang the police to report the attack on Jason. The club's manager advised Mike not to as the club had only just re-opened and promised the group that he would fire Bethany immediately. Mike told him this was not enough due to the damage done to Jason and that his friend may not recover for his wedding, which was meant to take place in a few days' time.

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