Janice Langton, younger sister of Ray Langton, arrived in Coronation Street when she ran away from her probation officer following a sentence for robbery with violence. Her brother allowed her to stay with him at No.9. Whilst there, she offended him by making a pass at his friend and landlord Len Fairclough. Janice was using her growing friendship with Len as a cover for her relationship with Borstal boy Bob Neale, with whom she stole Dave Smith's car. Before Ray replaced Dave's car, Janice and Bob removed £550 cash and two gold watches from it, leading to Ray being suspected of the crime. Janice was shortly afterwards evicted from No.9. She left Weatherfield for good.

When Ray was in hospital in November 1969 recovering from the coach crash in the Lake District, Ena Sharples visited him and revealed she'd tried to trace Janice for him, only to find that she was in a Remand Home.

In 2005, Ray mentioned that he had no living family, implying that Janice died sometime between 1969 and 2005.

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