Jane Kenworthy was a resident of Cumbria, near Lake Windermere. On 8th February 2010, Jane and her husband Mark said hello to Joe and Gail McIntyre, who were taking a break at a holiday cottage on the lake. Later in the day, Jane and Mark witnessed the couple arguing on Joe's boat.

After returning from a holiday, the Kenworthys found out that Joe had died a short time after the row they witnessed and they came forward to speak to the officers in charge of the investigation, DS Carr and DC Glynn. Their observation that Gail was on the boat interested the officers as it didn't tally with Gail's statement.

Jane and Mark were surprised on 26th March when Gail's son David Platt showed up at the Lake District with Graeme Proctor to appeal to the Kenworthys to change their statement, as Gail had been charged with Joe's murder because of what they had told the police. Jane tried to persuade her husband not to speak to David, and Mark decided to call the police.

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