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Jade Rowan was a teaching assistant who moved into 9 Coronation Street, and was later revealed as the daughter of John Stape.

Originally from Birmingham, Jade taught troubled Hope Stape after she was referred to a specialist school due to being removed from Bessie Street. During this time Jade befriended Hope's mother Fiz Stape and, upon her return to Weatherfield, Fiz realised that she couldn't cope without Jade's assistance - especially when her partner Tyrone Dobbs failed to enrol Hope in the next year at Bessie Street, alongside her sister Ruby, which meant that Fiz would need to home school her. When Tyrone caught Fiz making a secretive phone call to Jade he accused her of having an affair, forcing Fiz to reveal that she was struggling taking care of Hope and intended for Jade to stay with them at No.9 and continue with her teaching. Tyrone's grandmother Evelyn Plummer was wary of Jade's presence - but eventually warmed to her, and attempted to set her up with builder Michael Bailey hoping to enlist him in performing some menial tasks at the same time. Unbeknown to Tyrone and Fiz, Jade was harbouring a secret vendetta against them and began causing a rift between the pair and Hope by ensuring that the youngster was wrongly blamed for various incidents that she had orchestrated. Manipulating events further, Jade led Hope to believe that she was the only one who believed her side of the story before attempting to get Evelyn on side by sharing concerns about Fiz.

Upping her revenge strategy Jade tricked Hope into allowing her to paint bruises on her arms (believing that they were playing a hospital game) and sneakily took pictures to make it look like she had been abused. Meanwhile, Jade continued to try and turn Evelyn against Fiz - but her efforts fell flat when Evelyn recognised that she was meddling and pulled her up on the comments. Upset at being challenged by Evelyn, Jade headed to the grave of her father.

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