Jacqueline "Jacqui" Ainsworth was the surrogate mother to Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby's failed IVF attempt.

In September 2017, Jacqui visited the Rovers to discuss the possibility of becoming the surrogate mother for Peter and Toyah's IVF attempt. When she arrived at the pub, she asked Sean Tully if he could get Toyah but couldn't speak to her as she was busy with a Newton & Ridley event at the pub.

Peter's father Ken Barlow arrived at the Rovers and was shocked to see Peter, a recovering alcoholic, holding a pint of ale for a photograph. The photo opportunity sparked a row between Toyah, her sister Leanne Battersby, Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow over Peter's alcoholism and Steve's infidelity. Sean told Toyah that Jacqui had visited and that she had just left, having been appalled at the argument.

Toyah caught up with Jacqui in order to talk her round about being their surrogate mother. Jacqui claimed that the dysfunctional nature of Toyah's family and Peter's alcoholism had put her off going ahead with the pregnancy. Despite her reservations, Jacqui agreed to speak to Toyah and Peter in the back room of the Rovers. After much persuasion from the pair, Jacqui agreed to become their surrogate.

In October 2017, Jacqui contacted Peter and Toyah to inform them that she was pregnant with their baby. However, in January 2018, Jacqui called to say that she had not felt the baby kicking for some time and Toyah agreed to go to the hospital with her. At the hospital, Toyah was heartbroken to discover that the baby's heart had stopped.

A few days later, Jacqui called at the Rovers to ensure that Toyah and Peter were okay. Toyah hadn't told Peter about Jacqui losing the baby and lied about how he was feeling, saying that he hadn't really said much. Jacqui assured Toyah that despite the tragedy of losing their baby, they should try again through IVF as she thought her and Peter would make great parents.

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