Jack Tilsley was Ivy Tilsley's husband when she worked at the Mark Brittain Warehouse from 1971 to 1975.

Jack and Ivy had a stable marriage, in spite of pipe-smoking Jack's roving eye. In April 1972, they nearly split when Ivy caught Jack in the house entertaining his fancy piece, Cheryl Crowther. Ivy walked out on Jack and dumped herself on Elsie and Alan Howard at 11 Coronation Street, returning to her husband after letting him sweat for a week or so.

Three years later, Jack and Ivy went out for drinks at the Rovers Return with Edna and Fred Gee to celebrate Edna's fortieth, where he was introduced to the warehouse's Administrative Assistant Ken Barlow. When Edna made a toast to happy days and lonely nights, Jack quipped that he didn't let Ivy have lonely nights as he liked someone to keep his feet warm. The very next day, Edna was killed in a fire at the warehouse.

When Lynne Perrie joined Coronation Street in 1971, her character Ivy Tilsley referred to her husband as "Arthur". By Episode 1145 (5th January 1972), he had been renamed "Jack". At that point in the programme's history, Ivy only made occasional appearances alongside her factory friend Edna Gee. In 1979, Ivy became more prominent and a new backstory and family were created for her; her husband was renamed Bert (due to Vera Duckworth's husband also being called Jack) and the previously childless character was given a son, Brian.
While it is possible that Bert was intended to be Jack, it has never been definitively stated to be the case (in his Coronation Street memoirs, Bill Podmore jokes that he made Ivy a bigamist when he created Bert). This Wiki makes no assumption on the subject, and treats Jack and Bert as separate characters, despite the contradiction. However, to avoid confusion, any article which references Ivy's "old" history carries a note clarifying the situation.
The 1972 episodes where Ivy and Jack went through a rough patch were Episode 1174 (17th April 1972) through Episode 1177 (26th April 1972). Jack wasn't seen during this storyline and made both his appearances in the programme in 1975.
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