Jack Grieve

Jack in his Granada Television commissionaires uniform as shown in the end credits of The Road to Coronation Street

Jack Grieve was born John Colthard Grieve on 29th April 1895 in West Derby, Liverpool. He was an actor, singer and songwriter who in 1962 wrote Every Street's a Coronation Street which was recorded and released by Max Bygraves.

In addition to this he appeared in many Coronation Street episodes as an extra and also appeared in the more substantive roles of pensioner Sam in October 1964 and Ernie Mills in 1966 and 1967. In addition, he also appeared in the "Man's Best Friend" episode of the Street spin-off Pardon the Expression in May 1966. In possibly one of the strangest career moves of anyone involved with the programme, he was previously a commissionaire on the front door of the Granada Television studio building in Manchester for eight years between 1956 and 1964 and was portrayed by David Williams in the 2010 television play The Road to Coronation Street (although in 2018 Alan Rothwell commented that the one major error in the production for him was that the doorman in 1960 was called Albert).

He made his first stage appearance when he was fourteen at the Olympia Theatre in Liverpool and he toured with names such as Joe loss, Jimmy James, Tommy Handley, Ted ray, Hylda Baker and Bygraves. As well as touring with ENSA during the Second World War, he wrote various other songs for a number of stage and recording artists.

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