Jack Broadley was a London-based clothing wholesaler who was a potential client of Baldwin's Casuals. He came up to Weatherfield for a business meeting with Mike Baldwin who at that time was living at 5 Coronation Street with Bet Lynch ensconced supposedly as his housekeeper. Bet was not pleased by Mike's direct style of stating things and was put out when he asked her to arrange a nice meal for them ("none of your northern rubbish") and to get another woman to make it four round the table, preferably someone with some glamour like Rita Littlewood. Further put out by Mike's comment that Bet make an effort with herself, she planned her revenge by asking Betty Turpin to the meal.

Things didn't turn out the way anyone expected: Mike was horrified to find that Betty was joint-hostess but pleased when she and Jack got on like a house of fire with her ability to make him laugh. Jack truthfully told them that after his trip up north the last thing he had wanted was to spend the evening socialising but that he hadn't enjoyed a night out so much in years. He told Mike that he was happy to sign his contract and that Betty must look him up the next time she was in the capital. Ultimately, everyone was pleased with the way that the evening had panned out.

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