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JD was an old musician friend of Michelle Connor's whom she bumped into in a karaoke bar in August 2008 and invited him back to the Rovers for a nightcap. Michelle's boyfriend Steve McDonald did not approve of this and when he spotted Michelle and JD enjoying breakfast he demanded that JD leave their pub immediately, despite Michelle's protest that she and JD were only friends. JD reappeared in November that year when Michelle decided to help him out at a gig. Steve asked Becky Granger to help out behind the bar while Michelle fulfilled the engagement and Dan Mason used this opportunity to start Chinese whispers that Steve and Becky were having an affair but his attempts were countered when Becky flung herself at JD when he and Michelle returned later in the evening.

After gaining Michelle's assistance again with a gig at Christmas, one month later Steve used JD's obvious attraction to Michelle to try and get him to make a move on her, thus saving him the job of breaking up with her himself in order that he could pursue Becky, now the object of his affections. JD took in the story that the two were drifting apart and kissed Michelle who angrily demanded to know what was going on and what Steve had said. Upon hearing the story, she stormed back to the Rovers and confronted her errant boyfriend. In May 2009, Michelle accepted an offer from JD to join him on a tour with his band and left Weatherfield for several months.

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