Isabel Stephens (née Docherty) was wife to Anthony Stephens, sister to George Docherty and mother of Amanda and Gregory Stephens.

By 2000 Isabel had begun suffering from Alzheimer's disease and was admitted to Rose Gardens Nursing Home with the living costs shared by her husband and brother. Growing lonely in her absence, her husband Anthony began an affair with Rita Sullivan much to the disgust of his daughter who revealed the affair to her uncle George. Furious at Anthony's betrayal of his sister, George announced that he would no longer be putting any money towards the shared expenses of Isabel's care, leaving Anthony to pay the money himself.

Despite this Anthony decided to continue his relationship with Rita and sell his own house to get the money he needed - this infuriated his daughter who began using her mother to guilt-trip her father. Finally, in February 2001 after Anthony was ganged up on by his brother-in-law, daughter and son he revealed his intention to file for divorce against Isabel in order to continue his relationship with Rita, and Anthony's family disowned him.

In June 2001, Isabel passed away from heart failure at her care home.

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