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Ray Langton visits Inkerman Street in May 1971.

Inkerman Street is a thoroughfare in Weatherfield, mainly comprising terraced houses, in close proximity to Coronation Street.

In the late-1800s the Schofield family lived at No.65.

Inkerman Street won the "Best Kept Street" competition against Coronation Street in June 1967.

By 1968, Stan Ogden's friend Clara Regan lived at No.19.

No.20 was the Duckworth family home until they were evicted by their landlord in September 1983.

Ruby Green lived at No.25 in 1977. Her next door neighbour, Harry lived at No.23. 

The Tilsley family resided at Inkerman Street but sold their house in January 1979, with Deirdre Langton accepting their offer of £7,000 for the purchase of 5 Coronation Street.

New-Ager Maz O'Loughlin was lodging with a mate in the street during the summer of 2003 when she began working on the allotment next to Jack Duckworth. Having successfully reeled in a gullible Tyrone Dobbs into allowing her to use Jack's greenhouse to cultivate cannabis (which she passed off as tomato plants), she promptly left Weatherfield in September of that year, unwilling to face the criminal charges which had been pinned on the innocent Jack.

In September 2016, Todd Grimshaw helped Billy Mayhew clear a squat on Inkerman Street. Todd was accidentally pricked by a syringe which prompted Billy to take him to Weatherfield General.

Henrietta Street in Old Trafford was used for location filming on Inkerman Street in both Episode 1075 (5th May 1971) and Episode 1479 (24th March 1975).