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The Independent Television Service for Wales and the West (or ITSWW) was an interim solution brought in by the Independent Television Authority (ITA) in 1968 after they had awarded the franchise for South Wales and the West of England to Harlech Television. The previous franchise holder Television Wales and the West, after an acrimonious and public spat with the ITA, pulled out of their franchise early and sold out to Harlech for just under half a million pounds. Their last transmission day was 3rd March 1968 but since Harlech's facilities were not yet ready to take over ITV coverage in the region the ITA set up the ITSWW which ran from 4th March to 20th May 1968 after which Harlech properly took over (TWW continued to contribute programmes, presenters and facilities during this interim period).

The ITSWW transmitted Coronation Street in the region from Episode 753 (4th March 1968) to Episode 774 (15th May 1968).

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