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Incidental music is defined as music within a film, television programme or other media that both complements and adds to the drama being played out, enhancing its atmosphere or sign-posting to a viewer how they should be emotionally reacting to what they are watching or listening.

Such music goes back to the earliest days of Greek drama and has been used for centuries, even in the plays of Shakespeare. In the earliest days of cinema, the lack of sound on film meant that for the first couple of decades of the medium, music, and particularly piano music, was used in the picture houses alongside the hand-cranked films that audiences were watching. One of Violet Carson's first professional jobs was providing such music using her piano skills.

Even when the "talkies" began in the late 1920s, film makers realised the extra effect that music could bring to their productions and the same was true of television when it began in the 1930s.

In the genre of serials and soap operas, the UK is unusual in that music is rarely used as part of the programme, the major exception being the Channel Four "teen-soap" Hollyoaks. In other countries music features to a large extent, especially in bridging between two scenes. For many decades in the United States of America, organ music was played throughout episodes of the daytime soaps, only being phased out in the 1970s. The Australian soaps use a large library of stock soundtracks to this day.

Coronation Street has only used incidental music on a small number of occasions, so much so that most viewers would make the claim that it has never been used and the rare incidents when it is heard provoke surprise. The table below summarises the known uses in the programme's history.

(Note:This list does not include instances of characters breaking into song, such as Rita Sullivan singing "A Winter's Tale" in Episode 7499 (25th December 2010).)

Episode and transmission date Scene Track used
Episode 46 (22nd May 1961) Montage of the Street residents explore Blackpool and its attractions I Do Like To be Beside the Seaside on the piano, possibly specially arranged for the programme
Episode 61 (12th July 1961) Len Fairclough teases Albert Tatlock as he shows off part of his coin collection to Nancy Leathers, suggesting it ought to be added to a forthcoming jumble sale Unknown
Episode 66 (31st July 1961) Annie Walker realises that daughter Joan Davies has become a snob Unknown
Episode 96 (13th November 1961) Dennis Tanner arrives in the Street with Rupert, a performing monkey Unknown
Episode 97 (15th November 1961) Rupert the monkey takes root in the Rovers snug Unknown - the same piece of music is used as was played in Episode 96
Episode 254 (20th May 1963) Piccadilly in Manchester comes to life in the morning Unknown
Episode 254 (20th May 1963 A montage of people in the back streets Unknown
Episode 261 (12th June 1963) Lucille Hewitt leaves school Unknown
Episode 336 (2nd March 1964) Leonard Swindley wanders around an arcade in a daze Unknown
Episode 342 (23rd March 1964) Len Fairclough and Jerry Booth train for their walking race Machine Room by Douglas Gamley
Episode 343 (25th March 1964) Len and Jerry have their race Unknown
Episode 359 (20th May 1964) The residents arrive at the cemetery for Martha Longhurst's funeral Si Simple est Celle Historie by Pierre Arvay and his orchestra
Episode 361 (27th May 1964) Dennis Tanner tries to catch pigeons in Manchester's Albert Square Tango Du Clown by Pierre Arvay and his orchestra
Episode 378 (27th July 1964) Dennis follows Elsie Tanner to her mystery job at the Regional College of Art Little Ballet by Pierre Arvay and his orchestra
Episode 389 (2nd September 1964) Stan Ogden takes a party out of a trip in a Rolls Royce Piano piece in silent film style based upon the traditional children's song We're Off In A Motor Car
Episode 409 (11th November 1964) Len Fairclough, Ken Barlow, Albert Tatlock and Dennis Tanner see Stan Ogden being driven away in a police car in Manchester's Albert Square Marche du gendarme by Pierre Arvay and his orchestra
Episode 716 (25th October 1967) Emily Nugent visits Frank Starkie's dairy farm Unknown
Episode 991 (22nd July 1970) Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard walk to the registry office for their wedding Concierto de Arenjeuz by Joaquin Rodrigo
Episode 1137 (8th December 1971) Montage of Stan and Hilda Ogden on a shopping spree Winifred Atwell playing The Poor People of Paris
Episode 1170 (3rd April 1972) Ernest Bishop is driven to his wedding Unknown composition, played by a brass band
Episode 1171 (5th April 1972) Emily Nugent waits in the Rovers' back room and Ray Langton and Vicki Bright walk through a park Both unknown
Episode 1214 (4th September 1972) The residents travel to the Preston Guild by coach Unknown
Episode 1289 (23rd May 1973) The residents explore Woburn Abbey Harpsichord music, including an arrangement of Greensleeves
Episode 1298 (25th June 1973) Ray Langton takes a girl on the boating lake at Heaton Park Unknown
Episode 1390 (13th May 1974) Hilda Ogden cleans aboard the Monte Umber cruise liner Unknown
Episode 1391 (15th May 1974) Hilda begins to relax aboard the Monte Umber As above
Episode 1402 (24th June 1974) At Manchester Airport, Ron Cooke reconsiders leaving Maggie Clegg Unknown
Episode 2726 (18th May 1987) The residents wait as Alf Roberts is brought out of No.11 after a heart attack Unknown
Episode 3369 (10th April 1992) Montage of Steve McDonald and Victoria Arden shopping at Affleck's Palace She Bangs the Drums by The Stone Roses
Episode 5075 (15th July 2001) Sarah Platt escapes from Gary Adams's house Teardrop by Massive Attack
Episode 6455 (25th December 2006) The Platt family implodes after David stirs things up Somebody to Love by


Episode 6927 (17th October 2008) Liam Connor dies after being run over Downtown by Petula Clark
Episode 6959 (3rd December 2008) Maria Connor searches for Carla after finding out about her affair with Liam Time of Your Life by Green Day
Episode 7152 (31st August 2009) Norris Cole visits the grave of his mother Waltzing Matilda
Episode 7489 (10th December 2010) The residents come to terms with the ramifications of the tram crash All I Want Is You by U2
Episode 7585 (24th April 2011) A montage of Sean Tully and Marcus Dent sight-seeing with Dylan Wilson London Calling by The Clash
Episode 9018 (21st October 2016) Residents come to terms with the consequences of David Platt's car explosion and Ken Barlow's stroke All We Do by Oh Wonder
Episode 9064 (24th December 2016) Maria Connor spends her first night in prison while Kirk Sutherland looks after Liam The Gift of Christmas by Josh Powell
Episode 9065 (25th December 2016) The residents open their presents on Christmas morning It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Episode 9067 (30th December 2016) The residents celebrate New Year, as Andy Carver prepares to leave. Elsewhere, Anna Windass lies unconscious at the bottom of her stairs Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
Episode 9109 (24th February 2017) Michelle Connor walks out on Steve McDonald after finding out he is the father of Oliver Battersby Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead
Episode 9360 (22nd January 2018) A montage of Gary Windass, Pat Phelan and Anna Windass following Anna's trial, ending with her being locked in her prison cell Human by Rag'n'Bone Man
Episode 9450 (7th May 2018) Aidan Connor's final moments before he ends his life off-screen oblivious to his friends and family Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine
Episode 9470 (31st May 2018) Pat Phelan walks from the builder's yard to Coronation Street Atmosphere by Joy Division
Episode 9896 (9th October 2019) Ken Barlow contemplates the short time that Sinead Osbourne has left before her cancer kills her Crying - stock music track
Episode 9961 (25th December 2019) Michelle Connor is informed that Robert Preston is dead Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Michael Bublé
Episode 9964 (27th December 2019) The Connor family say goodbye to Michelle, Tyrone Dobbs and Hope Stape make up, Gary Windass comes to terms with his guilt and David Platt sits by Shona's hospital bedside Day is Done by Nick Drake
Episode 9967 (31st December 2019) Kevin Webster thinks he's missed his chance with Abi Franklin, The Barlow family toast the memory of Sinead Osbourne and the Platt family maintain a vigil by Shona's bedside Unforgettable by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole
Episode 10092 (24th July 2020) Yasmeen Metcalfe, on remand in Norcross Prison, has a nightmare in which she has been found guilty, incarcerated, and every officer in the prison is abusive husband Geoff Nightmares Before Bedtime by Tom Boddy
Episode 10203 (24th December 2020) Penultimate scenes of the episode, though not the final scene The Christmas Blues, Let It Snow Medley by Dean Martin
Episode 10204 (25th December 2020) Max Turner and Lily Platt enjoy a silly string fight with Shona Platt All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
Episode 10318 (5th May 2021) Roy Cropper and Abi Franklin learn that Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin have been attacked In Time by Self Esteem
Episode 10458 (18th October 2021) Abi Franklin walks down the street, Nina Lucas ignores a call from Asha Alahan, Leanne Battersby prepares the Viaduct Bistro for that night's Horror Nation Street event and Harvey Gaskell paces around his prison cell Li'l Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
Episode 10517 (25th December 2021) The residents greet each other on Christmas morning Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade