The Imperial Hotel was a building, exact location unspecified but presumably Weatherfield, where Ida Barlow worked as a cleaner in the kitchens. Because of this, husband Frank Barlow objected when eldest son Ken Barlow announced his intention of taking his girlfriend Susan Cunningham there in the evening.

Mike and Alma Baldwin held their wedding reception in the hotel's function room following their ceremony at Weatherfield Register Office in June 1992.

Roy Cropper took on a job washing-up at the hotel in January 1996. The arrangement was short-lived however, as Roy was drafted in to cover at Jim's Cafe on a regular basis and was eventually offered a full-time position.

In October of the same year, Raquel Watts was taken on at the hotel as an in-house beautician but only worked there for a few weeks before being sacked as there wasn't enough work to justify her position.

Les Battersby checked into the hotel in November 2000 when he was kicked out of 5 Coronation Street by wife Janice after she found £3,500 hidden in his coat pocket. Although she initially believed it to be stolen, Dennis Stringer explained that the pair had split the profits on the sale of a motorbike but Janice was still angry that Les hadn't told her. Les's stay was brief however, as the only room available was a superior suite which required a £500 deposit, and he took full advantage of room service.

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