Imogen Pascoe was the ex-girlfriend of Kate Connor.

Kate first met Imogen while on a night out at Nick's Bistro with Rana Nazir in September 2017. Throughout the night, Rana argued with Imogen as she believed that she was taking advantage of a drunk Kate. When a fight nearly broke out between the pair, Kate intervened and tried to get them to settle their differences.

Rana admitted that she felt like a 'third wheel' during the night and that it was hypocritical of Kate after she had complained about Alya Nazir and Luke Britton's relationship. Kate apologised to Rana and assured her that the trio could have fun together.

Imogen was next invited to the Cloud 99 nightclub with Kate, Luke and Alya. Kate saw Rana and told her that things were going really well with Imogen. When Kate stated that they should go out again, Rana seemed reluctant and claimed that she and Zeedan were too busy. The frisson with Rana's distaste for Kate and Imogen continued at Jenny Bradley's hen do, where Kate decided the cause was homophobia. During the following week, Kate and Imogen returned to the bistro where they invited Rana and Zeedan to join them, Luke and Alya on a triple date at 19a Victoria Street. The night turned sour when Rana couldn't handle Kate and Imogen's PDA. Imogen went after Kate, who was chasing down and ceasing her friendship with drunk Rana. However, Kate wasn't in the mood to continue her date with Imogen that night.

Imogen and Kate's romance progressed, but cracks started to show as Imogen didn't like camping or travel. Kate ghosted Imogen in her increased attempts for contact. She finally tracked Kate down at the bistro to confront her about avoiding her phone calls with a request to meet her parents. They rowed and split. On her way out of the Rovers, Imogen gave a parting shot to Rana, sharing her keen insight that Rana actually fancied Kate and she was welcome to her. Imogen strutted off to drink away the pain.

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