Below are all listed all repeat transmissions of Coronation Street on ITV2 in 2015.

Note: Additional repeats took place on ITV2+1 one hour after the times given below.

Episode and original transmission date ITV2 repeat date and time Omnibus repeat date and time
Episode 8545 (2nd January 2015) 5th January 7.15am, 12.40pm Repeated as part of an omnibus on Saturday 3rd January at 9.40am and Sunday 4th January at 5.55am along with Episodes 8542, 8543 and 8544
Episode 8546 (2nd January 2015) 5th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8547 (5th January 2015) 6th January 7.15am, 12.40pm Saturday 10th January at 9.35am and Sunday 11th January at 9.05am
Episode 8548 (5th January 2015) 6th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8549 (7th January 2015) 8th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8550 (9th January 2015) 12th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8551 (9th January 2015) 12th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8552 (12th January 2015) 13th January 7.15am, 12.40pm Saturday 17th January at 8.35am and Sunday 18th January at 9.20am
Episode 8553 (12th January 2015) 13th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8554 (14th January 2015) 15th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8555 (16th January 2015) 19th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8556 (16th January 2015) 19th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8557 (19th January 2015) 20th January 7.15am, 12.40pm Saturday 24th January at 8.45am and Sunday 25th January at 9.20am
Episode 8558 (19th January 2015) 20th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8559 (21st January 2015) 22nd January 6.45am, 12.15pm
Episode 8560 (23rd January 2015) 26th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8561 (23rd January 2015) 26th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8562 (26th January 2015) 27th January 7.15am, 12.40pm Saturday 31st January at 9.10am and Sunday 1st February at 9.25am
Episode 8563 (26th January 2015) 27th January 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8564 (28th January 2015) 29th January 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8565 (30th January 2015) 2nd February 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8566 (30th January 2015) 2nd February 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8567 (2nd February 2015) 3rd February 7.15am, 12.40pm Saturday 7th February at 8.50am and Sunday 8th February at 9.05am
Episode 8568 (2nd February 2015) 3rd February 7.45am, 1.15pm
Episode 8569 (4th February 2015) 5th February 7.15am, 12.40pm
Episode 8570 (6th February 2015) 9th February 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8571 (6th February 2015) 9th February 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8572 (9th February 2015) 10th February 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 14th February at 8.40am and Sunday 15th February at 9.15am
Episode 8573 (9th February 2015) 10th February 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8574 (11th February 2015) 12th February 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8575 (13th February 2015) 16th February 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8576 (13th February 2015) 16th February 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8577 (16th February 2015) 17th February 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 21st February at 8.40am and Sunday 22nd February at 9.10am
Episode 8578 (16th February 2015) 17th February 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8579 (18th February 2015) 19th February 7.45am, 12.40pm
Episode 8580 (20th February 2015) 23rd February 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8581 (20th February 2015) 23rd February 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8582 (23rd February 2015) 24th February 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 28th February at 8.50am and Sunday 1st March at 9.40am
Episode 8583 (23rd February 2015) 24th February 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8584 (25th February 2015) 26th February 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8585 (27th February 2015) 2nd March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8586 (27th February 2015) 2nd March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8587 (2nd March 2015) 3rd March 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 7th March at 8.40am and Sunday 8th March at 9.00am
Episode 8588 (2nd March 2015) 3rd March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8589 (4th March 2015) 5th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8590 (6th March 2015) 9th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8591 (6th March 2015) 9th March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8592 (9th March 2015) 10th March 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 14th March at 8.50am and Sunday 15th March at 9.40am
Episode 8593 (9th March 2015) 10th March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8594 (11th March 2015) 12th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8595 (13th March 2015) 16th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8596 (13th March 2015) 16th March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8597 (16th March 2015) 17th March 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 21st March at 8.40am and Sunday 22nd March at 9.40am
Episode 8598 (16th March 2015) 17th March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8599 (18th March 2015) 19th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8600 (20th March 2015) 23rd March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8601 (20th March 2015) 23rd March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8602 (23rd March 2015) 24th March 7.40am, 12.40pm Saturday 28th March at 8.45am and Sunday 29th March at 9.35am
Episode 8603 (23rd March 2015) 24th March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8604 (25th March 2015) 26th March 7.40am, 12.40pm
Episode 8605 (29th March 2015) 30th March 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 4th April at 8.35am and Sunday 5th April at 9.20am
Episode 8606 (30th March 2015) 31st March 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8607 (30th March 2015) 31st March 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8608 (1st April 2015) 2nd April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8609 (3rd April 2015) 6th April 7.20am, 12.45pm
Episode 8610 (3rd April 2015) 6th April 7.50am, 1.15pm
Episode 8611 (6th April 2015) 7th April 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 11th April at 8.35am and Sunday 12th April at 9.05am
Episode 8612 (6th April 2015) 7th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8613 (8th April 2015) 9th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8614 (10th April 2015) 13th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8615 (10th April 2015) 13th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8616 (13th April 2015) 14th April 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 18th April at 8.35am and Sunday 19th April at 9.00am
Episode 8617 (13th April 2015) 14th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8618 (15th April 2015) 16th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8619 (17th April 2015) 20th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8620 (17th April 2015) 20th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8621 (20th April 2015) 21st April 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 25th April at 8.40am and Sunday 26th April at 9.45am
Episode 8622 (20th April 2015) 21st April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8623 (22nd April 2015) 23rd April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8624 (24th April 2015) 27th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8625 (24th April 2015) 27th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8626 (27th April 2015) 28th April 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 2nd May at 8.40am and Sunday 3rd May at 9.35am
Episode 8627 (27th April 2015) 28th April 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8628 (29th April 2015) 30th April 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8629 (1st May 2015) 4th May 7.25am, 1.10pm
Episode 8630 (1st May 2015) 4th May 8.00am, 1.40pm
Episode 8631 (4th May 2015) 5th May 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 9th May at 8.35am and Sunday 10th May at 9.55am
Episode 8632 (4th May 2015) 5th May 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8633 (6th May 2015) 7th May 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8634 (8th May 2015) 11th May 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8635 (8th May 2015) 11th May 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8636 (11th May 2015) 12th May 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 16th May at 8.50am and Sunday 17th May at 9.40am
Episode 8637 (11th May 2015) 12th May 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8638 (13th May 2015) 4th May 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8639 (15th May 2015) 18th May 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8640 (15th May 2015) 18th May 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8641 (18th May 2015) 19th May 7.35am, 12.45pm Saturday 23rd May at 8.35am and Sunday 24th May at 8.50am
Episode 8642 (18th May 2015) 19th May 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8643 (20th May 2015) 21st May 7.35am, 12.45pm
Episode 8644 (22nd May 2015) 25th May 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8645 (22nd May 2015) 25th May 8.20am, 1.10pm
Episode 8646 (25th May 2015) 26th May 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 30th May at 8.30am and Sunday 31st May at 9.30am
Episode 8647 (26th May 2015) 27th May 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8648 (27th May 2015) 28th May 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8649 (28th May 2015) 29th May 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8650 (29th May 2015) 1st June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8651 (1st June 2015) 2nd June 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 6th June at 9.05am and Sunday 7th June at 9.40am
Episode 8652 (1st June 2015) 2nd June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8653 (3rd June 2015) 4th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8654 (5th June 2015) 8th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8655 (5th June 2015) 8th June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8656 (8th June 2015) 9th June 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 13th June at 8.30am and Sunday 14th June at 9.05am
Episode 8657 (8th June 2015) 9th June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8658 (10th June 2015) 11th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8659 (12th June 2015) 15th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8660 (12th June 2015) 15th June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8661 (15th June 2015) 16th June 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 20th June at 8.35am and Sunday 21st June at 9.10am
Episode 8662 (15th June 2015) 16th June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8663 (17th June 2015) 18th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8664 (19th June 2015) 22nd June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8665 (19th June 2015) 22nd June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8666 (22nd June 2015) 23rd June 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 27th June at 8.35am and Sunday 28th June at 9.35am
Episode 8667 (22nd June 2015) 23rd June 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8668 (24th June 2015) 25th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8669 (26th June 2015) 29th June 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8670 (26th June 2015) 29th June 8.10am, 1.10pm
Episode 8671 (29th June 2015) 30th June 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 4th July at 8.40am and Sunday 5th July at 9.05am
Episode 8672 (29th June 2015) 30th June 8.10am, 1.10pm
Episode 8673 (1st July 2015) 2nd July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8674 (3rd July 2015) 6th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8675 (3rd July 2015) 6th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8676 (6th July 2015) 7th July 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 11th July at 8.30am and Sunday 12th July at 8.45am
Episode 8677 (6th July 2015) 7th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8678 (8th July 2015) 9th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8679 (9th July 2015) 10th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8680 (10th July 2015) 13th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8681 (10th July 2015) 13th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8682 (13th July 2015) 14th July 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 18th July at 8.35am and Sunday 19th July at 9.05am
Episode 8683 (13th July 2015) 14th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8684 (15th July 2015) 16th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8685 (16th July 2015) 17th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8686 (17th July 2015) 20th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8687 (17th July 2015) 20th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8688 (20th July 2015) 21st July 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 25th July at 8.30am and Sunday 26th July at 9.25am
Episode 8689 (20th July 2015) 21st July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8690 (22nd July 2015) 23rd July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8691 (23rd July 2015) 24th July 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8692 (24th July 2015) 27th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8693 (24th July 2015) 27th July 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8694 (27th July 2015) 28th July 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 1st August at 8.40am and Sunday 2nd August at 9.35am
Episode 8695 (27th July 2015) 28th July 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8696 (29th July 2015) 30th July 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8697 (31st July 2015) 3rd August 7.10am, 12.40pm
Episode 8698 (31st July 2015) 3rd August 7.40am, 1.15pm
Episode 8699 (3rd August 2015) 4th August 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 8th August at 9.15am and Sunday 9th August at 10.00am
Episode 8700 (3rd August 2015) 4th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8701 (5th August 2015) 6th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8702 (7th August 2015) 10th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8703 (7th August 2015) 10th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8704 (10th August 2015) 11th August 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 15th August at 8.35am and Sunday 16th August at 9.15am
Episode 8705 (10th August 2015) 11th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8706 (12th August 2015) 13th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8707 (14th August 2015) 17th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8708 (14th August 2015) 17th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8709 (17th August 2015) 18th August 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 22nd August at 8.35am and Sunday 23rd August at 9.05am
Episode 8710 (17th August 2015) 18th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8711 (19th August 2015) 20th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8712 (20th August 2015) 21st August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8713 (21st August 2015) 24th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8714 (21st August 2015) 24th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8715 (24th August 2015) 25th August 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 29th August at 9.00am and Sunday 30th August at 9.30am
Episode 8716 (24th August 2015) 25th August 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8717 (26th August 2015) 27th August 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8718 (27th August 2015) 28th August 8.10am, 1.15pm
Episode 8719 (28th August 2015) 31st August 7.20am, 1.00pm
Episode 8720 (28th August 2015) 31st August 7.50am, 1.30pm
Episode 8721 (31st August 2015) 1st September 7.25am, 12.40pm Saturday 5th September at 9.05am and Sunday 6th September at 9.25am
Episode 8722 (31st August 2015) 1st September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8723 (2nd September 2015) 3rd September 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8724 (3rd September 2015) 4th September 8.05am, 1.10pm
Episode 8725 (4th September 2015) 7th September 7.30am, 12.40pm
Episode 8726 (4th September 2015) 7th September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8727 (7th September 2015) 8th September 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 12th September at 8.40am and Sunday 13th September at 9.05am
Episode 8728 (7th September 2015) 8th September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8729 (9th September 2015) 10th September 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8730 (10th September 2015) 11th September 8.05am, 1.10pm
Episode 8731 (11th September 2015) 14th September 7.30am, 12.40pm
Episode 8732 (11th September 2015) 14th September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8733 (13th September 2015) 15th September 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 19th September at 8.45am and Sunday 20th September at 9.20am
Episode 8734 (14th September 2015) 16th September 8.05am, 1.10pm
Episode 8735 (14th September 2015) 16th September 8.35am, 1.40pm
Episode 8736 (16th September 2015) 17th September 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8737 (17th September 2015) 18th September 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8738 (21st September 2015) 22nd September 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 26th September at 9.05am and Sunday 27th September at 9.30am
Episode 8739 (21st September 2015) 22nd September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8740 (23rd September 2015) 24th September 7.50am, 1.10pm
Episode 8741 (25th September 2015) 28th September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8742 (25th September 2015) 28th September 8.30am, 1.40pm
Episode 8743 (28th September 2015) 29th September 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 3rd October at 9.40am and Sunday 4th October at 10.10am
Episode 8744 (28th September 2015) 29th September 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8745 (30th September 2015) 1st October 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8746 (5th October 2015) 6th October 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 10th October at 9.05am and Sunday 11th October at 9.50am
Episode 8747 (5th October 2015) 6th October 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8748 (7th October 2015) 8th October 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8749 (9th October 2015) 12th October 6.55am, 12.10pm
Episode 8750 (14th October 2015) 15th October 7.35am, 12.40pm Saturday 17th October at 8.45am and Sunday 18th October at 9.50am
Episode 8751 (16th October 2015) 19th October 7.30am, 12.40pm
Episode 8752 (16th October 2015) 19th October 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8753 (19th October 2015) 20th October 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 24th October at 11.25am and Sunday 25th October at 11.35am
Episode 8754 (19th October 2015) 20th October 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8755 (21st October 2015) 22nd October 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8756 (23rd October 2015) 26th October 7.30am, 12.40pm
Episode 8757 (23rd October 2015) 26th October 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8758 (26th October 2015) 27th October 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 31st October at 8.15am and Sunday 1st November at 8.35am
Episode 8759 (26th October 2015) 27th October 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8760 (28th October 2015) 29th October 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8761 (29th October 2015) 30th October 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8762 (30th October 2015) 26th October 6.55am, 12.10pm
Episode 8763 (2nd November 2015) 3rd November 7.30am, 12.40pm Saturday 7th November at 9.15am and Sunday 8th November at 8.40am
Episode 8764 (2nd November 2015) 3rd November 8.00am, 1.15pm
Episode 8765 (4th November 2015) 5th November 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8766 (5th November 2015) 6th November 8.05am, 1.15pm
Episode 8767 (6th November 2015) 9th November 7.25am, 12.40pm
Episode 8768 (6th November 2015) 9th November 7.55am, 1.15pm
Episode 8769 (9th November 2015) 10th November 7.25am, 12.40pm Saturday 14th November at 8.15am and Sunday 15th November at 9.10am
Episode 8770 (9th November 2015) 10th November 7.55am, 1.15pm
Episode 8771 (11th November 2015) 12th November 7.35am, 12.40pm
Episode 8772 (13th November 2015) 16th November 8.30am, 1.10pm
Episode 8773 (16th November 2015) 17th November 7.50am, 12.45pm Saturday 21st November at 8.35am and Sunday 22nd November at 8.55am
Episode 8774 (16th November 2015) 17th November 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8775 (18th November 2015) 19th November 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8776 (20th November 2015) 23rd November 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8777 (20th November 2015) 23rd November 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8778 (23rd November 2015) 24th November 7.50am, 12.40pm Saturday 28th November at 9.10am and Sunday 29th November at 9.20am
Episode 8779 (23rd November 2015) 24th November 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8780 (25th November 2015) 26th November 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8781 (26th November 2015) 27th November 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8782 (27th November 2015) 30th November 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8783 (27th November 2015) 30th November 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8784 (30th November 2015) 1st December 7.50am, 12.40pm Saturday 5th December at 8.50am and Sunday 6th December at 8.35am
Episode 8785 (2nd December 2015) 3rd December 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8786 (4th December 2015) 7th December 7.50am, 12.40pm
Episode 8787 (4th December 2015) 7th December 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8788 (7th December 2015) 8th December 7.50am, 12.40pm Saturday 12th December at 9.10am and Sunday 13th December at 8.45am
Episode 8789 (7th December 2015) 8th December 8.20am, 1.15pm
Episode 8790 (9th December 2015) 10th December 7.45am, 12.55pm
Episode 8791 (11th December 2015) 14th December 7.50am, 1.00pm
Episode 8792 (11th December 2015) 14th December 8.10am, 1.30pm
Episode 8793 (14th December 2015) 15th December 7.40am, 1.00pm Saturday 19th December at 8.55am and Sunday 20th December at 9.20am
Episode 8794 (14th December 2015) 15th December 8.10am, 1.30pm
Episode 8795 (16th December 2015) 17th December 7.40am, 1.00pm
Episode 8796 (17th December 2015) 18th December 8.10am, 1.30pm
Episode 8797 (18th December 2015) 21st December 7.20am, 12.40pm
Episode 8798 (21st December 2015) 22nd December 7.20am, 12.40pm Saturday 26th December at 9.00am and Sunday 27th December at 9.45am
Episode 8799 (21st December 2015) 22nd December 7.50am, 1.10pm
Episode 8800 (23rd December 2015) 24th December 7.30am, 1.15pm
Episode 8801 (24th December 2015) 25th December 7.25am, 1.25pm
Episode 8802 (25th December 2015) 26th December 4.50pm
28th December 7.00am
Episode 8803 (28th December 2015) 29th December 7.25am, 12.55pm Repeated as part of an omnibus on Saturday 2nd January 2016 at 8.55am and Sunday 3rd January at 9.25am along with Episodes 8807 and 8808
Episode 8804 (28th December 2015) 29th December 7.55am, 1.20pm
Episode 8805 (30th December 2015) 31st December 8.05am, 1.00pm
Episode 8806 (31st December 2015) 1st January 2016 8.25am, 2.15pm
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