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Howard Baker directs Eileen Derbyshire in a reaction shot for the Lake District coach crash scene in Episode 923 (29th October 1969).

Howard Baker (1932 to 1993) directed 124 episodes of Coronation Street including three episode co-directed with Brian Mills and Charles Lauder.

One of the earliest directors of the programme, he worked frequently on episodes broadcast between February 1961 and September 1963, including the famous "High Noon" episode after which he moved to programme production including three stints as Coronation Street 's producer from Episode 458 (3rd May 1965) to Episode 469 (9th June 1965), Episode 472 (21st June 1965) to Episode 481 (21st July 1965) and Episode 494 (6th September 1965) to Episode 529 (5th January 1966). He returned to the programme as a director for a one-off assignment on Episode 923 (29th October 1969) which remains to this day the only edition ever to be made totally on film and which made use of his skills and experience in this medium.

After producing, among other programmes Crown Court, This Year Next Year (written by John Finch) and Love Among the Artists, he returned to directing and worked again on Coronation Street from June 1985 to April 1993 until just before his death at the age of 61.

The journalist and broadcaster Graeme McDonald who worked with Baker at Granada recalls that they were both dismissive of the Street when they first heard about its impending production in 1960 saying "We'll eat our hats if it ever took off."

Episodes directed by Howard Baker


1961 (30 episodes)

1962 (10 episodes)

1963 (19 episodes)

1969 (1 episode)


1985 (12 episodes)

1986 (14 episodes)

1987 (6 episodes)

1988 (8 episodes)


1990 (9 episodes)

1992 (9 episodes)

1993 (6 episodes)