Hope Stape is the daughter of John and Fiz Stape.

Born in December 2010 during the events of the tram crash, Hope was a miracle child due to the fact that she had been three months premature and her odds at surviving had been slim (this later inspired her name).


2010-2011: Premature birth and father's demise

Born on 6th December 2010 to John and Fiz Stape at Weatherfield General, Hope was placed in an incubator shortly following her birth due to being three months premature (which was caused when an explosion at The Joinery led to a tram derailing and crashing onto Coronation Street - knocking Fiz to the ground beside the destroyed Kabin and resulting in her early labour).

Fortunately, Fiz had been found by Maria and Carla Connor who were able to transport her to the Underworld factory. Despite both Maria and Carla worrying about their respective loved-ones, Peter Barlow and Chris Gray, they were able to put their feelings aside to find help from Matt Carter - who confirmed that Fiz's contractions had begun and she needed to be taken to the hospital. By this time John had also arrived and went with Fiz in the ambulance, although he was also worrying about the fact that he had left the dead body of Charlotte Hoyle at No.5 after he smashed her over the head with a hammer when she attempted to expose their affair to Fiz. In reality John had been using Charlotte in order to keep her quiet about Colin Fishwick's death (who had suffered from a heart attack during a confrontation with John after learning that he had stolen his identity).

Hope's birth

December 2010: Fiz and John call their daughter Hope after she miraculously survives having been born prematurely.

At the hospital Fiz successfully gave birth to her baby girl, despite having known that her odds of survival would be slim, and she later chose the name of Hope to reflect her daughter's status as a miracle child. When Fiz's brother Chesney Brown and his girlfriend Katy Armstrong visited the hospital they were turned away, leaving John fearing that they would return to No.5 and find Charlotte's lifeless corpse. In order to clear his conscience, and focus on his wife and newborn daughter, John returned to the street and dragged Charlotte's body down the ginnel where he was discovered by a Police Woman - who assumed that he had rescued her from the wreckage. With the discovery of Charlotte's body the death count for the disaster rose to four with Ashley Peacock, Molly Dobbs and an unnamed Taxi Driver also perishing.

Over the next couple of months Hope's recovery was stunted by several problems. First, she was in need of a transfusion to help fight off an infection due to her weak immune system before a hole was found in her heart. Many people from the street began to raise money for to assist Hope - even the Websters who were rivals of the Stapes since John kidnapped their daughter Rosie in 2007 - contributed. Although, throughout this time John was secretly fighting his own demons after accidentally causing the death of a third person - Joy Fishwick (who had come close to unravelling the truth about Colin's death).

Eventually, Hope was discharged in March 2011.

John had a mental breakdown following his involvement in three people's deaths. In June 2011, when the truth about his crimes emerged, he took Hope from Fiz and Fiz was hit by a van trying to retrieve her. When Fiz was in hospital, John asked her to run away with him, but when she pressed the panic button, he escaped onto the building's roof with Hope. He was persuaded to hand the baby back, but threw himself off the roof. He was presumed to have been killed in the fall, but he actually went on the run, which led the police to believe that Fiz was responsible for the three deaths of Colin Fishwick, Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick.

Fiz was remanded in custody and allowed to keep Hope with her in prison. When Fiz was put on trial, John returned but crashed his car after kidnapping Rosie. With John on the verge of death, Fiz went to visit him in hospital with Hope. John confessed to his crimes and told police that Fiz was innocent. He died moments later.

2012-2014: Villainous Kirsty and the Dobbs family

In late 2012, Fiz started a relationship with Tyrone Dobbs. The couple eventually moved in together with Hope and Tyrone's young daughter Ruby.

2015-2016: Cancer diagnosis and treatment

In August 2015, when on a camping trip with her family, Hope became ill. After a number of tests, a lump was found in Hope's abdomen and she was eventually diagnosed with the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. She underwent treatment for the cancer and in addition to their stress and devastation, Fiz and Tyrone were disappointed that Hope wouldn't be able to go to Lapland for Christmas. As Christmas approached, Tyrone instead decided to bring their own version of Lapland to Weatherfield. However, doing so put Tyrone in a large amount of debt. Following treatment, Hope was declared to be in remission in February 2016 and made a full recovery.

2017-2019: Behavioural issues, Birmingham and back

In December 2017, Hope got into a fight with Ruby, who in turn pushed Hope off the trampoline in the back yard causing Hope to sustain a small fracture in her arm. The couple argued about the girls when Fiz suggested that Ruby could have inherited some of her ways from her mother. Tyrone yelled at Fiz and told her that his daughter was nothing like Kirsty. After the trampoline had been set on fire, Fiz discovered there was a cigarette lighter in Ruby's treasure box.

2019 to present:



John Stape

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Fiz Stape

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List of addresses

Address Duration
Weatherfield General 6th December 2010 to 11th March 2011
5 Coronation Street 11th March 2011 to 20th September 2013
9 Coronation Street20th September 2013 to 5th December 2018
Birmingham 5th December 2018 to present

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