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Holyhead is a town on the Welsh island of Anglesey and a major port serving Ireland. It has a population of some 14,000 people.

In August 1964, Harry and Concepta Hewitt travelled from Holyhead to begin a new life in Ireland where Harry ran his father-in-law's garage.

In September 2008, Rosie Webster sent her worried parents a postcard from Holyhead when she suddenly went missing. This was a diversion as she had actually been kidnapped by John Stape and was being held in his deceased gran's house back in Weatherfield.

Three years later, John Stape was one the run again when he hid on Anglesey to escape a police charge of murdering Colin Fishwick after successfully duping the police that he had boarded a ferry at Holyhead bound for Ireland.

In September 2017 teenage runaways Faye Windass and Seb Franklin tried to make for Holyhead and the Irish ferry but their connecting train was held up and Seb was arrested when he tried to steal a car.