Hilary Smart was a community care worker who called to see Tracy Barlow after she returned home following the birth of her daughter Amy in February 2004. She was unaware that she had handed over the baby to Roy and Hayley Cropper in return for £25,000, having previously conned Roy into thinking that he has the father of the child after Tracy drugged him and claimed she’d slept with him in order to win a bet with Bev Unwin, Steve McDonald being the real father. Tracy curtly redirected Hillary to Roy's Rolls and shut the door of 7 Coronation Street in her face.

At the café flat, she told the Croppers that she wasn’t concerned about the unusual circumstances of them having the baby as she had seen all sorts in her job. She advised them that she would be calling every day for a fortnight and gave them a “red book”, the document in which the baby’s health record would be kept.

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