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Helen Jacqueline Connor (née Kerrigan) is the wife of Barry Connor and they have three children, Paul, Liam and Michelle. Helen and Barry came to Weatherfield for Liam's wedding to Maria Sutherland in February 2008. When Liam was killed in a hit and run in October of the same year, Helen and Barry attended the funeral and Helen was grieving and upset.

The couple turned up for occasional visits, like in July 2009 when their grandson Liam was born. Helen wasn't happy with Maria's relationship with Tony Gordon (who actually was behind Liam's murder). They turned up for the anniversary of Liam's death and Helen only wanted a family day out without Tony there, and was shocked when Maria and Tony had got engaged, just a year since Liam died. Although Helen managed to accept Tony and was happy enough with him until a month later, when it was revealed that Tony was in fact Liam's killer as he confessed to the police after trying to kill Roy Cropper. Helen returned with Barry once again, and Maria left for a new life with them back in Ireland. Tony was jailed for life.

Helen and Barry separated in October 2013 after Helen caught Barry in bed with her friend Aoife. Barry returned to Weatherfield and temporarily moved in with Michelle and her partner Steve McDonald, although would not disclose what the problem was until Michelle got the information out of him after Helen refused to comment over the phone. Michelle took Barry back to Dublin to straighten things out with Helen.

Sorcha Cusack as Helen Connor

In May 2015 the couple once again returned to Weatherfield for Michelle's wedding to Steve.

The character was portrayed by Sorcha Cusack in 2008 and Dearbhla Molloy in subsequent appearances.

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