The Heavy and his colleague were two thugs hired by Callum Logan to administer a beating to Jason Grimshaw. He had, in Callum's eyes, been increasingly crossing the line with his interference in his affairs, frequently coming to the rescue of Sarah, Bethany and David when Callum was confronting them over access to his son, Max Turner. The final straw came when David refused to allow Callum access to take Max out for the day, even though he had a court order on his side. As things escalated between David and Callum, Jason stepped in and threatened the villain. Callum promised that the matter wasn't over and soon rang up the heavies, saying he wanted Jason sorted out "properly" and that day.

Soon afterwards, the two thugs made their way to the Rovers where Jason was drinking and after buying two pints of lager, sat to observe him. Seeing him leave the premises they followed him and the second heavy grabbed his mobile phone and the two then ran off into the ginnel by way of Rosamund Street. Jason naturally followed and fell into their trap. While one grabbed him, the other began punching him and, after he fell to the ground, kicking and stomping on him. Callum joined them with an extra kick "for the road" and told the two men to scarper. They bumped into an unknowing Tony Stewart, Jason's father, on the way out of the immediate area and he was able to give their description to the police. The two thugs rang Callum and told him of the encounter and he advised them to stay under cover for the present.

Almost one month later, Callum employed the two thugs once more to terrorize Audrey Roberts, as a scaremongering tactic in his attempt to extort £20,000 from David and Kylie Platt. After the two entered the salon and locked the door from the inside, Audrey assumed they were after money and handed them the till. They refused and dropped the till on the floor, as well as throwing the phone away to prevent Audrey from calling the police. They then proceeded to trash the salon, but were disturbed by a passing Ken Barlow who heard Audrey's screams. Having done their job, they unlocked the door and barged past Ken, leaving him to comfort Audrey. Meanwhile, Callum had been in the Rovers causing trouble in order to secure his own alibi for the attack.

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