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Harry Redman was the first husband of Maggie Redman and presumed father to Mark Redman.

By 1982, Harry had started a relationship with Maggie after he loaned her £3,000 to buy shop premises in Station Road. Maggie became pregnant with Mike Baldwin's son but raised the child as Harry's and the pair married later that year. When Mike discovered Harry and Maggie's relationship he became jealous as he didn't like the thought of another man raising his son.

Mike and Harry met in October 1983 when the pair both attended Eddie and Marion Yeats's wedding. However, it was not until February 1984 when Harry discovered that Mike was actually the father of Mark - as Maggie was forced to confess when Mike began blackmailing her.

In December 1991, Harry passed away and Maggie became concerned about Mark's behaviour when he started at Weatherfield Comprehensive the following September. In January 1993, Mark discovered his true parentage and despite Maggie's best efforts, Mark began to have a relationship with Mike and eventually Maggie accepted that Mark needed a father figure.