Harry Flagg worked at Manchester Airport for over twenty years as a cleaner, including a long stint in the VIP suite. Having visited the Rovers Return Inn and commented on how "unclean" it appeared, Harry agreed to clean it for a few pints of beer and £10. Having made such a good job of it, landlord Fred Elliott took him on full-time. Soon Harry became potman and cellarman. He also cleaned at Underworld for Mike Baldwin, saving businessman Preston King from a heart attack at one point. He clashed with Frankie Baldwin when her husband Danny took over as a shareholder in Underworld, she teased him and labelled him 'Half Mast' referring to his surname.

Harry eventually left the Street to drive around the sights of Europe. He offered Eileen Grimshaw the chance to come with him, but she declined.

First and last linesEdit

"Uh, a pint of best bitter, please." (First line, to Shelley Unwin)


"Shall I send you a postcard?" (Final line, to Eileen Grimshaw)

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