Harold "Harry" Duckworth was the father of Jack and Clifford Duckworth, and the paternal grandfather of Terry.

The family resided in Butler Street and according to Jack, Harry didn't give him much fatherly advice about life when he got engaged to his girlfriend, Veronica Burton, although Jack implied that it was Vera's mother Amy who was responsible - Vera thought she was pregnant, and Amy challenged Harry about the matter.

Jack said that Harry enjoyed watching him make mistakes - which Vera took as a quick dig at her and Jack's marriage.

In 1989, Vera told her workmates that Harry had asked for the brass handles back of his wife Maggie's coffin, so he could sell them at the market the upcoming weekend. Ivy Brennan, Josie Phillips and Marge Butler refused to believe her.

According to dialogue between his sons in 1994, Harry was relatively young when he died. Harry's own father had died aged 51, when Jack was just three. Apparently this was in line with a tradition of the Duckworth men dying relatively young. Clifford, who claimed to have been told that he was soon to die of a heart ailment, warned Jack that he would be next to go.

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