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Harry Driver in 1962 on the left with, from left, Jack Rosenthal, H.V. Kershaw and John Finch.

Harry Driver (13th May 1931 to 25th November 1973), along with regular writing partner Vince Powell, wrote eleven episodes for Coronation Street in the 1960s and another two with Jack Rosenthal making 13 in total. He was also, along with Powell, the programme's first storyliner, credited from Episode 88 (16th October 1961) to Episode 137 (4th April 1962) during which the pair worked on devising stories during the problematical Equity actors' strike, after which Driver worked alone or with George Reed up to Episode 425 (6th January 1965), after which he vacated the role to become the producer of Pardon the Expression. Driver had once been a trainee manager in a department store and was therefore familiar with the Dobson and Hawkes-type environment. On this show, he also co-wrote three episodes with Rosenthal and fourteen with Powell. After the programme had finished, he returned to Coronation Street as a storyliner, working on the programme almost continuously and being credited on all but two episodes from Episode 542 (21st February 1966) to Episode 1366 (18th February 1974).

Powell and Driver first entered show business as a comedy act but Driver was struck down by Polio in 1955 and subsequently lost the use of his arms and legs. He started writing using dictation but eventually learned to type by mouth, using a knitting needle to press the keys.

Amongst Powell & Driver's joint credits are Two in Clover, George and the Dragon, Nearest and Dearest (with Madge Hindle), and Adam Adamant Lives!. With Powell he also created the hugely successful 1970s sitcoms Bless This House and Love Thy Neighbour.

Episodes written by Harry DriverEdit


1961 (4 episodes - all co-written with Vince Powell)

1962 (3 episodes - all co-written with Vince Powell)

1964 (6 episodes - all co-written with Vince Powell unless stated otherwise)

Pardon the ExpressionEdit

(Note: all subsequent episodes were co-written with Vince Powell)

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