Harry Bailey was an insurance agent for whom Nellie Fairclough left Len in late 1962.

As the Fairclough marriage had been in the doldrums, Len accepted his wife and son Stanley going to live with Harry in Nottingham when he took a promotion and moved away from Weatherfield.

Harry's frequent visits to 15 Mawdsley Street hadn't gone unnoticed by the neighbours, and when he called at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall to collect Ena Sharples's club money she shocked her friends by inviting him inside so that she could find out what his business was with the Faircloughs. Harry threw Ena off the scent by claiming that Len had recently taken out a large insurance policy. Jed Stone was closer to the mark, asking Harry during an encounter at Gamma Garments how to get into insurance so that wives would invite him into their homes while their husbands were away. Harry firmly told Jed that he had the wrong idea.

As Christmas approached, Harry handed the reins over to his replacement and the move to Nottingham took place on New Year's Eve. In 1963, Nellie and Len initiated divorce proceedings, with Harry going on to marry Nellie and raise Stanley.

When Nellie died from lung cancer in 1964, Harry returned to Weatherfield and got Ena Sharples to inform Len. He then offered to let Stanley live with him, but Len decided that Stanley was settled in Nottingham and should stay with Harry. Harry later sent Stanley to stay with Len for a short time in September 1967.

Ray Mort had previously played the virtually identical character of Ron Bailey. Presumably they were the same character with altered forenames but there is no conclusive evidence on screen of this.

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