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Gwen Fenton was a pub landlady with a cut-glass accent who came back to the Rovers together with two other landladies at Annie Walker's invitation after an evening out with the Weatherfield Ladies Licensed Victuallers.

Jack Walker had sneaked off for his annual regimental reunion with Albert Tatlock and Stan Ogden and he brought Albert back to the pub shortly after the arrival of the four ladies. The two men were roaring drunk and singing loudly in the bar. Annie tried to pretend to her friends that the noises came from outside but when it became all too clear that the commotion was inside the pub, she had no option but to go to the front and plead with Jack and Albert to keep quiet. Too far gone to take notice, they staggered through to the back where Mrs Fenton assumed Jack was a local layabout. The three women fled when Albert came on to one of them, describing her as a "bonny little handful".

Somewhat surprisingly, Annie didn't make her husband's life a living hell the next day as she was going away for the week and was only too aware that the recent Lake District coach crash could have parted them for good. Nevertheless, Jack bought her a box of chocolates as a going-away gift.

Annie attended a tea party to celebrate Mrs Fenton's birthday in February 1970. Dressed to the nines, she fell into a workman's hole in the middle of Coronation Street on her return after Ray Langton had removed one of the warning lamps as a joke.

Credited as "Mrs Fenton", the character's first name was given in dialogue.