GS tours

Visitors explore the set at some point between 1988 and the summer of 1989 when the Community Centre and Baldwin's Casuals's facades, seen on the left of the picture, were demolished as part of the programme's storylines

The Granada Studios tour was open from 1988 to 1999. Ena Sharples' double-breasted coat was the main exhibit in the costume museum section of the tour. Doris Speed made a public appearance opening the Coronation Street set to the public as part of the Tour in July 1988. As well as exploring various exhibits specially erected in the Bonded Warehouse adjacent to the Quay Street studios, visitors were taken down the Baker Street set used for filming The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to the Rosamund Street end of the 1982 Outdoor Set which they were allowed to explore at their leisure. The set was closed on filming days, usually Monday's.

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