Graham Larkin

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Graham Larkin was a social worker who visited Roy's Rolls with his colleague Gillian Davies in June 2001 to discuss Wayne Hayes.

Roy and Hayley Cropper both tried their best to make Gillian and Graham feel welcomed and offered to get them both a coffee. Despite Hayley's offer, the social workers insisted that they were fine and that the meeting was unlikely to take long.

Roy and Hayley had spoken to their usual social worker Peter Hartnell about their concerns over Wayne being treated poorly at home which led to the case being referred to Gillian and Graham who had no previous connections. The social workers shocked Roy and Hayley by telling them that Wayne, as well as his mum Sheila and stepdad Alex Swinton, had denied the allegations.

The couple continued to voice their doubts to the social workers by questioning the validity of Alex as a source of information. Gillian downplayed Roy's attack on Alex by reminding him that both Sheila and Wayne supported his description of events. After comments about distrusting the couple as they had more to gain from the situation, Roy angrily told the social workers to get out.

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