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Grace Vickers was Michael Bailey's estranged girlfriend and nanny to Tianna, for almost a year Grace committed paternity fraud against Michael by pretending that Tianna was their daughter.

Throughout 2018 Grace and Michael's relationship began to suffer and, when Grace revealed that she was pregnant, Michael walked out on her. By November 2019 Grace had begun working as a nanny when she bumped into Michael again by chance at Freshco's car park, and Michael assumed that the little girl that she was taking care of was his.

Initially hostile, Grace agreed to talk to Michael but did not correct him about Tianna's identity. Grace admitted that she didn't think he could give stability to Tianna as he was irresponsible and more interested in his business ventures. Grace softened her stance later that day, as she realised she didn't want Tianna not knowing her dad, but when she encountered Michael's mother Aggie speaking to solicitor Adam Barlow about access, and making derogatory comments about her, she furiously drove off.

In September 2020 Michael proposed to Grace however, after realising that her lies had went too far when Tianna identified Michael as her father, she declined his offer and pretended that she and Tianna were moving abroad the following day. In an attempt to force the pair to miss their flight Michael abducted Tianna, the police were called and arrested Michael. While in custody the police revealed the truth about Grace's relationship towards Tianna, and that she had fled.

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