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Glen Middleham was Sarah Platt's first boyfriend. They went out between November 2000 and January 2001.

Glen and Sarah met at the cinema in November 2000. Glen was out with his mate Liam Clarke and she with Candice Stowe. At first, Sarah lied to Glen by hiding the existence of her baby daughter, five-month-old Bethany. When the two were talking on the phone, she told him that the background noise of a baby crying was coming from the next door neighbours' house. When Glen came round to Sarah’s home, 8 Coronation Street, and saw Bethany she told him that a visiting Hayley Cropper was Bethany’s mother.

Matters were complicated further when Sarah's younger half-brother David caught the two kissing at the bus stop, and soon cottoned on to the fact Glen didn’t know Bethany existed. He gladly used this, plus the fact their parents Martin and Gail didn't know Sarah had a boyfriend, to blackmail his sister to extort money from her.

Sarah's lies were exposed when Martin came home with Bethany one night and caught the two kissing. Glen was shocked at the deception, but after a heart-to-heart their relationship survived. However, a couple of weeks later, Glen began to spread rumours among his friends that he and Sarah had slept together when they hadn't. Glen protested that they had just assumed but Sarah was furious to realise he'd done nothing to put them right, and dumped him for good.

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