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Ginny Portis was the cellmate of Fiz Stape during her incarceration at Norcross Prison in 2011. She told Fiz that the previous occupant of their cell had committed suicide a few days before.

A depressed Ginny began buying drugs off prison drug dealer Ruth Walsh. Fiz came back to her cell one afternoon and found that Ginny had taken an overdose. She survived in hospital and was quickly returned to the cells. However, she continued to take drugs while Fiz desperately tried to stop her. Fiz reported Ruth to the governor and cut off the drug supply for many inmates, including Ginny. When Ruth confronted Fiz, Ginny and the other girls held Fiz down so that Ruth could beat her up, but they were soon stopped by the prison officers. Fiz moved out of the cell to join the mother and baby unit and Ginny warned her that she and her daughter Hope would not be safe.

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