Georgina "Gina" Fletcher worked for a short time as a housekeeper for Len Fairclough and Ray Langton at 9 Coronation Street in January 1971. Gina got the job over Eileen Hutchinson, who had wowed the men with her cooking but Len and Ray both fancied Gina so gave her the job. What they didn't know was that Gina had previously worked in both a bakehouse and a works canteen but didn’t do well as she was "not good with machines".

Gina's time in the job was an unmitigated disaster. She was hopeless at cooking, her timekeeping was poor, and her boyfriend Charlie Braddock kept turning up at the house to be fed while Len and Ray were out (according to Charlie, it was the only time they got to see each other). Even so, the men were too enchanted by the dolly bird to tell her off and they even bought her presents on her birthday. When they caught Charlie having dinner at their table a second time, Len and Ray seemed to have had enough but before they could give Gina her marching orders, she told them she was quitting as Charlie had got her another housekeeping job (a better one, for a chap in town who wore a suit). Her irritated employers told them both to clear off immediately and docked Gina's wages for the food Charlie had eaten.

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