Gill Leigh was a detective who led the investigation on Nathan Curtis's grooming of Bethany Platt.

In June 2017, DC Leigh visited 8 Coronation Street to speak to the Platt family about the possibility of Nathan being prosecuted. She told them that if Bethany co-operated, the police could prove Nathan was guilty and charge him for rape or controlled prostitution for gain.

Bethany's friend Craig Tinker contacted DC Leigh when Nathan drove off with Bethany. DC Leigh admitted that it may be hard to find the pair as it was likely that Nathan would have changed his car to avoid the police finding them. Bethany later phoned the police on Nathan and he was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking.

At Weatherfield Police Station, Nathan's friend and police officer Neil Clifton blackmailed Bethany and threatened to attack Sarah and her half-brother Harry if she gave his name to DC Leigh. During her interview, Bethany admitted that she had been manipulated by Nathan but when referring to what had happened with Neil, she gave the name "Paul" instead.

In July, DC Leigh admitted to Sarah that the CPS weren't taking up the case on Nathan due to a lack of evidence. When Bethany admitted to Craig that Neil was one of the people who was involved with Nathan, he decided to try and record Neil admitting to his involvement on his phone. Craig successfully recorded Neil confessing to raping Bethany and played the evidence to DC Leigh at the Platts' house. After hearing Neil's confession, DC Leigh assured Bethany and Sarah that Neil would feel the full force of their Counter Corruption Unit.

DC Leigh informed Sarah and Bethany that they had taken Neil's phone to establish a link between him and Nathan but that there should already be enough evidence to charge them. She also admitted that there was a possibility that Craig may be disciplined for the manner in which he obtained Neil's confession.

DC Leigh returned to the Platt household to inform Craig and Bethany that their search of Neil's phones and laptop had established a link between him and Nathan. She told Bethany that the CPS had authorised charges and that if she was nervous about seeing Nathan again at court, a video link could be set up.

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