Giles was Tony Gordon's accountant who met up with his client at Underworld in November 2008 when Tony's cashflow had reached crisis point. Looking through the books, Giles discovered that Tony was up to his neck in debt. Worried that his client would soon exceed his overdraft limit, Tony suggested organising some sort of refinancing deal. However, his desperate situation looked to improve as Giles had arranged to meet a prospective buyer later in the day who was looking to purchase four properties at Victoria Court, a project in which Tony was a major investor.

As arranged, Tony and Giles met up with William Matkin, a property magnate who was very impressed with the Victoria Court development - although in his words, a bit overpriced. Giles pointed out that William had already been offered a good deal, which included an unspecified discount. William was ready to agree to the purchase - less another 10%. Tony was insulted by the offer and Giles, still eager to see his client's monetary situation improve, suggested an extra 5% discount could be negotiated - which was again dismissed by Tony. William told the two men that his offer would stay on the table until the close of business that day, but Tony refused to budge stating that he wasn't that desperate.

The meeting between Tony and Giles continued into the evening where the pair conducted business at the Rovers over a drink. Determined to come up with some means of capital following the failed business deal from earlier in the day, Tony suggested that he could transfer some money from the Underworld account to his property business account by plundering the payroll. However, Giles was quick to point out that Tony would need Carla Connor's signature on a cheque from the Underworld account considering the pair were joint payees. With Tony forging Carla's signature on the cheque and handing it to Giles, he decided to turn a blind eye.

His financial situation slowly started to improve and by the end of the following month, Giles had phoned Tony to say that he'd managed to sell another two of the outstanding properties.

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