Police Officer George Coulter was involved in four events in the lives of Coronation Street residents.

The first incident was in December 2006 when Danny Baldwin disappeared. He had discovered that his second wife, Frankie was having an affair with Jamie, the son from his first marriage. After several weeks without anyone seeing him, people started to grow alarmed, none more so than Viv Baldwin, his mother. When she found out about the affair, she informed the police and Coulter visited Roy's Rolls with his colleague PC Reid to interview Frankie, suspicious that Jamie was behind his father's disappearance. With no evidence to pursue the matter further, the case was dropped. Frankie and Jamie split up and Danny contacted Jamie by phone on New Year's Eve to make hit clear he was still alive and to gloat over the split.

In March 2007 Coulter questioned Ryan Connor at the station after he stole Sonny Dhillon's car. This was a form of emotional revenge after Sonny and his mother, Michelle had become engaged, only for it to be revealed that Sonny was a closet bisexual. Coulter gave Ryan an official reprimand and let him go.

One year later, in March 2008, Coulter conducted door-to-door enquiries after David Platt pushed his mother Gail down the stairs in No. 8 after an argument and then, shocked at his actions, ran from the scene of the crime. Gail was discovered by Audrey Roberts and taken to hospital where she suffered a memory loss. Coulter tried to ascertain from the neighbours if there had been any suspicious sightings at the time of the incident. Claire Peacock volunteered the information that Jason Grimshaw was seen leaving No. 8 in an agitated state. Jason was taken in for questioning by DC Weller but, with lack of prosecutable evidence, was let go.

In January 2009 Coulter was called to the Street when the feud between David Platt and Gary Windass erupted into violence. David hit Gary who, handy with his fists, retaliated and a bloodied David ended up being taken to hospital whereas Coulter asked Gary to escort him to the station. There he questioned him and Gary stated that a suspended sentence for a previous offence that was hanging over him could result in jail. Gary was charged but at his trial found not guilty when Tina told the truth that David threw the first punch, despite being badgered by David to lie on oath.

The character's name was given in dialogue in Episode 7002 (30th January 2009).

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