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Geoffrey "Geoff" Metcalfe is the late father of Tim Metcalfe and abusive husband of Yasmeen.

A local Weatherfield celebrity due having his own hospital radio show and magic act under the name "The Great Magnifico", Geoff was an unreliable figure in Tim's early life. He was violent towards Tim's mother Philippa and had an affair with her best friend Tessa, later cutting Philippa out of Tim's life and letting his son believe that Tess was his mother.

In 2018, Geoff started making a more concerted effort to keep Tim and granddaughter Faye Windass in his life. At the same time, he began a relationship with Yasmeen. While he never hurt her physically, Geoff manipulated Yasmeen to ensure that she was reliant on him, belittled her constantly, and bought into the family business Speed Daal to prevent her from overruling his control. In 2020, Yasmeen snapped and stabbed Geoff with a wine bottle. Geoff recovered and to his dismay, Yasmeen was charged and later cleared of attempted murder. During the following confrontation with Yasmeen, Geoff fell off the roof of No.6 and died on impact.


1950-2018: Troubled past

From an early age Geoff began out-of-hours work as an entertainer whilst his official occupation was that of a lorry driver. While he was mostly hired for magic performances, Geoff would also spend a lot of time volunteering for charity events. In 1971, Geoff and his first wife Philippa married after she became pregnant with his child. Philippa gave birth to Tim on 28th January 1972. Geoff abused Philippa during their marriage, and began an affair with her best friend Tessa. She tried to walk out on him, but Geoff hit her. Some time later, Philippa found Geoff and Tessa in bed together and this gave her the strength to leave. She tried to take Tim with her but Geoff wouldn't let her and wouldn’t let her back in to get Tim after running away, rejecting all her attempts to make contact or get news of Tim.

Geoff and Philippa divorced in 1974, and Geoff told everyone that she had died of breast cancer. Geoff and Tessa married soon afterwards, moving to Marloes Sands, Wales, where the newlyweds told Tim and everybody else that Tess was his natural mother. Geoff and Tess’s marriage was not a happy one and they eventually separated, probably due to Geoff’s infidelities, of which Tim was aware. Tess left home and there was a period of time where Tim was left alone with Geoff and as a result they grew particularly close. However, Tim continued to think that Tess was his mother and when he walked out on his partner Jenny and daughter Faye in 2004, Tess was heartbroken and died soon after. Geoff remained in Wales until 2015 when he retired from lorry driving aged 65. Geoff then moved back to Manchester, and got a job on Weatherfield General’s hospital radio station.

Soon after his return to Manchester, Geoff met a new girlfriend Jocelyn Walkey, who he was accused of stalking and it was an altercation with her inside The Ellington Arms in Manchester which led to him once being arrested. Meanwhile, following Jenny's death in April 2011, Faye was taken into foster care and later adopted by Anna Windass in Weatherfield. Despite not being involved in his son or granddaughter's lives for a number of years, Geoff was revealed to still be in contact with them in January 2018, when Tim arranged for himself and Faye to stay with Geoff in order to escape Pat Phelan.

2018-2019: Introduction to Yasmeen

As a hospital radio DJ, Geoff visited the Tony Wilson ward of Weatherfield General in order to speak to patients and ask if they had any song requests. Audrey Roberts, who was recovering after a fall, complained to Geoff that the music being played on the station was terrible and made a request for "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. Audrey tuned into Geoff's radio show and was delighted when he told his listeners of an encounter with a delightful woman on the Tony Wilson ward. Despite her suggestion for Patsy Cline, Geoff decided to dedicate a song that he believed summed up what he wanted to say to Audrey earlier. However, Audrey's delight was cut short when Geoff started playing "Shaddap You Face" by Joe Dolce.

Geoff and Audrey continued to bond during her time in hospital with her enjoying his cheeky sense of humour. On a visit to the hospital, Yasmeen Nazir agreed to find Geoff to cheer Audrey but failed to find the funny side of his cheesy jokes. However, in a more tender moment waiting for Audrey to be examined, Geoff opened up to Yasmeen and explained that his jovial personality was an act that he adopted for his radio show. The two bonded over their shared passion for charity work and agreed to meet up.

Geoff asked Yasmeen out for a meal at the Viaduct Bistro, however she had reservations about going, admitting to Rita Tanner that she had never been on a date since splitting up with her ex-husband Sharif. After being talked round, Yasmeen decided to go to the bistro but was disappointed to find Geoff already there entertaining Audrey and Rita. After explaining it was all a misunderstanding, Yasmeen forgave Geoff and agreed to join him for a meal at his son's house.

Geoff visited Coronation Street regularly to visit Yasmeen, acting as support for her when her grandson Zeedan left home to move to London. He also agreed to balance his voluntary work for hospital radio with helping Yasmeen at her family's restaurant Speed Daal. In August 2018, Geoff made an offer to buy out Imran Habeeb's shares but was hurt when Yasmeen turned it down.

He was also a major help for Tim and his wife Sally over the events of the year. Geoff set up fundraising events for Jack Webster after being diagnosed with sepsis and arranged a special circus event at Speed Daal. He also helped Tim's marriage by warning his son that Sally's sister Gina Seddon was attempting to start an affair and protested his daughter-in-law's innocence when she was wrongly sent to prison for fraud.

After a couple of months getting to know each other, Geoff and Yasmeen officially started their relationship in March 2019. Yasmeen had initial reservations about the relationship due to the breakdown of her marriage to Sharif and admitted to her friend Cathy Matthews that she had not yet been intimate with Geoff.

After agreeing to become more serious in their relationship, Geoff slipped on some food Yasmeen had dropped at Speed Daal, leading to him injuring his back. Geoff subsequently took advantage of his fall, as he was waited on hand and foot by Yasmeen at 6 Coronation Street and treated to a free meal. However, after deliberately dropping a note in front of him, Yasmeen exposed Geoff as a fraud when he bent down to pick it up. Geoff admitted that he had been exaggerating his injury to mean he could spend more time with her.

2019-2020: A darker personality emerges

Geoff later became upset over the amount of time Yasmeen was spending working at the restaurant and cancelled her book club appointment in order to cook her a romantic meal. Despite Yasmeen encouraging him to invite Tim and Sally to the meal, Geoff encouraged his son to decline the invitation as he wanted some alone time with his partner. Despite his interventions, Sally and Tim ended up going for the meal which didn't end well. Geoff was hurt by Yasmeen's criticism of his food and berated her for always putting Sally down.

Geoff's controlling behaviour continued surrounding events that he wanted to take place for his DJ and magician work. Geoff pushed for Yasmeen to let him DJ for a new student night initiative at the restaurant and was put out when Alya Nazir overruled and picked Ryan Connor. He hit back by making Emma Brooker his assistant for his magic act at the Rovers talent night, leading to Yasmeen apologising for letting him down.

Geoff's manipulation stepped up when Cathy convinced Yasmeen to attend a wine tasting night at the bistro in July 2019. Annoyed with her ignoring his texts and not coming home for a meal he had prepared, Geoff decided to pretend that he had cooked her beloved pet chicken Charlotte. The next day, he spilt a glass of water over Ryan's mixing decks at the restaurant, blaming it on Yasmeen being hung-over. Having been sent home early to recuperate, she then got mugged and regretted not letting Geoff walk her home and protect her.

Following the mugging, Geoff scared Yasmeen off the idea of returning to work, suggesting that her mugger might return. He was later shocked to discover her drinking with Ryan, Alya and two friends that they had invited back to the house. Setting her up further, Geoff stole Yasmeen's bracelet and pointed the finger at the two guests that had attended the night before. Alya and Ryan were suspicious and believed Geoff staged the burglary; they searched his pockets but only found a replacement bracelet and a receipt. Geoff later sold Yasmeen's valuables to Little Baz for £450 and guilt-tripped her into apologising for not believing him.

Geoff used the staged burglary as a way of gaining even more control over Yasmeen. He looked for new insurance to protect their belongings but put his own bank details on the claim, taking charge of the house's finance. He also installed a number of security cameras, allowing him to spy on Yasmeen while giving the illusion of protecting her.

When Geoff had a routine appointment with Dr Gaddas in August 2019, he decided to give Yasmeen the impression that he had serious health problems. This concerned Yasmeen who started waiting on Geoff, believing that the symptoms he had listed were consistent with cancer. She confided in Sally but when confronted by her and Tim, Geoff told them that Yasmeen had let her imagination run away with her and that he was fine.

2020: Attempt to destroy Yasmeen

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In May 2020, Geoff threatened Yasmeen with a knife. In self-defence, Yasmeen smashed Geoff over the head with a wine bottle before stabbing him in the neck with it. Geoff then collapsed on the floor. Believing that she killed Geoff, Yasmeen phoned 999. Geoff survived the ordeal whilst Yasmeen was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Geoff played the victim and told others that Yasmeen tried to kill him. Alya and Sally were doubtful, whilst Tim and Faye supported Geoff.

In July 2020, Geoff re-encountered his ex-wife Philippa (now known as Elaine Jones) and threatened her into staying away from him and their son Tim.

In September 2020, Geoff lost the loyalty of Tim and Faye after they discovered footage of him verbally abusing Yasmeen after she accidentally ruined his magic show months before.

In November 2020, Geoff began a relationship with a woman named Christine. He was also persuaded by Ray Crosby to sell No.6 and planned to move to Cyprus after the sale of the house went through. Geoff later goaded Tim into punching him by saying that even as a child, he knew Tim would not amount to anything. This assault was witnessed by local policeman Craig Tinker, who took note of it. Because of Tim's actions, he could no longer be a credible witness at Yasmeen's trial.

In December 2020, Yasmeen's trial began at Weatherfield Crown Court. Geoff took to the stand and claimed that Yasmeen was a violent alcoholic and had attacked him unprovoked. Geoff later visited the psychiatric ward of Weatherfield General where Elaine was staying following a breakdown. He threatened Elaine into not giving evidence at the trial. However, much to Geoff's outrage, Elaine arrived at court and revealed the abusive details of her marriage to Geoff. Elaine informed the court that after she left, she tried to get back a then-infant Tim, but Geoff warned her off by threatening to kill their son if she came near them again. Geoff was then cross-examined by Imran Habeeb, who showed CCTV footage of Geoff going to the hospital to confront Elaine. At first, Geoff denied that it was him, before being forced to admit it was when more footage showed his car number plate and him getting out of the car donning a baseball cap and face mask. Imran then goaded Geoff into snapping and ranting about Yasmeen, showing the court his true colours. The jury returned much quicker than thought and declared that they found Yasmeen not guilty of Geoff's attempted murder, leaving Geoff to storm out of court in outrage. After a failed attempt to get Yasmeen to take him back, Geoff phoned Christine and told her to pack her bags and move to Cyprus with him.

Geoff later attempted to get Yasmeen to sign her half of No.6 over to him, only for Yasmeen to refuse and reveal that she lodged a complaint against him. Incensed, Geoff went to Speed Daal and knocked Alya unconscious with a cash tin after she told him that she revealed his misdeeds to Christine; who no longer wanted anything to do with Geoff. He then returned to No.6 where Yasmeen was collecting her belongings, threatened her and poured flammable liquid onto the floor. Geoff dropped a Zippo lighter and ignited a fire in the living room. Yasmeen escaped to the roof through a skylight window in the loft with Geoff in pursuit. Alya, having regained consciousness, arrived on the roof to try to defend her grandmother from Geoff. After Yasmeen declared that she was no longer scared of him, Geoff lunged for her, only to lose his footing and start to slide down the roof tiles. Despite Alya's warnings that Geoff may pull her down with him, Yasmeen tried to use her scarf to help Geoff back up. But it wasn't enough; Geoff lost his grip completely and fell to his death as Yasmeen's surviving chickens wandered around him.

Geoff's funeral was held later in December. Neither his widow nor his son were present at the service.


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Background information

Character creation and role

Publicity shot of Ian Bartholomew as newcomer Geoff Metcalfe

Geoff first appeared in Episode 9415 in March 2018. Bartholemew's casting was announced on 22nd March 2018, only a week prior to his on-screen debut, where it was reported that he would become a love interest for Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) after she was admitted to hospital and mistook him for a doctor. Duncan Lindsay of the Metro reported that "Geoff and Audrey would 'have a laugh together' after she becomes locked in the radio studio". Fans initially began suspecting that Geoff would be the father of established character Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), due to their shared surname, although producers kept Geoff's identity a secret until the transmission of Episode 9418 where he visited 4 Coronation Street to comfort his family following the revelation that Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) was a serial killer.

Born in Portsmouth, Bartholomew was already an established actor before finding work on Coronation Street with extensive television credits for the likes of; The Darling Buds of May, Rumpole of the Bailey, Minder, and more recently, Making Waves, Spooks and Marcella.

Coercive control development

A coercive control storyline was confirmed for Geoff and Yasmeen Nazir

Throughout 2019 Geoff began to show a more sinister side towards his partner Yasmeen (Shelley King) and viewers soon began to speculate that he would eventually turn abusive after he began to isolate her from granddaughter Alya (Sair Khan), her last remaining relative on the street, and her friends. A coercive control storyline was confirmed in June 2019 with executive producer Iain MacLeod announcing that the show was working closely with Women's Aid and Independent Choices Manchester as part of their research.

Speaking at the time, MacLeod said “Abusive behaviour is not always physical – you can damage someone profoundly without laying a finger on them. Thousands of people feel trapped in relationships with someone who claims to love them but who is actually taking them apart piece by piece, isolating them and locking them in an invisible prison of fear and insecurity. Often the abusive behaviours accumulate and intensify over time so that you don’t realise it’s happening – it is an insidious type of brainwashing. I hope this storyline will help anyone going through similar experiences in the real world by highlighting that feeling undermined, belittled, intimidated or controlled by your partner is never okay.”

Bartholomew wasn't surprised by Geoff's sinister abuse of Yasmeen

In an interview posted by the official Coronation Street website, Bartholomew revealed "I knew when I was first brought in to the programme as Tim’s dad that the character might turn a bit dark so it wasn’t unexpected. For the first few months it was ‘nice Geoff’, ‘funny Geoff’ and ‘silly Geoff’. But now it is slowly starting to become apparent that there is something missing in Geoff’s psychological make-up. As an acting exercise and something for an actor to get his teeth in to, it is going to be interesting but it is also a privilege to be trusted with such an important storyline that I hope will make a difference."

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First and last lines

"Oh, OK. Of course... I'll come back over." (First line, to Audrey Roberts and Rita Tanner)


"You stupid woman!" (Final line to wife, Yasmeen, before slipping from the roof of Number 6 and plummeting to his death)


List of addresses

Address Duration
6 Coronation Street March 2019 to 9th December 2020

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
DJ Weatherfield General Unknown to 9th December 2020
Assistant Speed Daal 2018 to 9th December 2020

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