Geena Gregory arrived when her mate Vinny Sorrell needed help in the Rovers Return Inn. She was well qualified for the job, and her stunning good looks and cheeky banter made her popular with the customers and her experience working at The Flying Horse. She was maid of honour at her friend Linda Sykes' wedding to Mike Baldwin, as she knew all about her affair with his son Mark, but remained loyal to Linda and said nothing.

Her love life was rocky. Dev Alahan proposed to her but her mother, Gill, was determined to put a stop to it and set him up with Karen McDonald. Her plan failed, and Geena broke off their engagement when she discovered he had cheated on her with his employee Deirdre Rachid during Christmas 2001. She was soon snapped up by handsome ex-jailbird, Joe Carter, and the two enjoyed a fun relationship until a jealous Dev goaded him into beating him up.

Joe was scared of going back to prison and admitted he loved Geena. By this time, she had completely fallen for him and agreed to talk to Dev. He then told Joe to end his relationship with Geena publicly and he would drop the charges against him. He did so, and Geena was left shattered and humiliated by two men who claimed to love her. She fled the Street after saying her goodbyes to her friend, Shelley Unwin. Shelley later mentioned that Geena had made up with her parents and moved back to her hometown Wigan.

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"And like I say, I've been offered a job at t'Red Lion." (First line, to Duggie Ferguson)


"I don't know, but wherever it is it won't involve you!" (Final line, to Joe Carter)

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