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Gary Mallett and his wife Judy moved into 9 Coronation Street when Jack and Vera Duckworth sold the property and bought the Rovers Return Inn during late-1995. He worked on an oil rig and seemed to enjoy wearing heavy gold jewelry. The couple had satellite TV installed immediately, and at Christmas a big sign in their window proclaimed it was the home of "Santa's Nookie Nest." Gary was an old-style "lad" and a "man's man". Rowing with Judy, playing the drums, getting electrocuted due to faulty wiring, and holding a loud party which terrified neighbours Derek and Mavis Wilton. His former transport was a motorbike purchased from Jim McDonald.

Wife Judy worked in an amusement arcade and there met Zoe Tattersall and her boyfriend, Liam Shepherd. After learning that Zoe and Liam needed money because they were expecting a baby, Judy (struggling with her own fertility issues) offered Zoe £2,000 for the baby, despite Gary's objections and Zoe agreed. When the baby was born, she was named Katy Mallett and Judy allowed people to assume that Gary was the baby's father because it explained why baby Katy lived with them. However, Zoe bonded with her daughter and took her back, renaming her Shannon, supported by Ashley Peacock, Leanne Battersby and her boyfriend, Nick Tilsley.

However, not long afterwards, Judy discovered that she was pregnant and went on to give birth to twins William and Rebecca on Christmas Day 1998. Nine months later, Judy collapsed and died after she suffered a blood clot caused by injuries sustained in a road accident caused by Terry Duckworth. When Terry arrived at his parents' house on Christmas Day, Gary punched him, blaming him for Judy's death. In October 2000, Gary decided to leave Weatherfield with his children.

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