Gary Bailey was Elsie Tanner's nephew, the son of her sister Phyllis. In June 1968, Linda Cheveski and Jenny Tanner sent Gary to Weatherfield to keep Elsie company as Dennis had just moved to Bristol and she was now on her own. Gary arrived from down south where he had been staying for three months with his Auntie Ethel, who had recently suffered a nervous breakdown. Elsie hadn't seen Gary since he was aged eleven, and was interested to hear that although Gary's father was still alive, Phyllis was now on her third husband.

Gary tried to interest the residents in investing; he made Stan Ogden £8 by buying and selling a chair, but Elsie wasn't quite so impressed when he used £200 she'd loaned him to buy her a white Jaguar - she couldn't drive!

Gary left Weatherfield in the Jag a week later, before Elsie could sell it (she'd crashed it into Ken Barlow's car while trying to get to grips with the vehicle - Gary had been on a drive with her but bailed out as her reckless driving terrified him).

Gary Bailey was Warren Clarke's fourth role in Coronation Street. The third was Tim Jordan, who appeared only four months before Gary.

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