Gary Adams was a man who kidnapped Sarah Platt in July 2001.

Gary met Sarah through an internet chatroom and Sarah went to Gary's house to meet him. She was surprised to see a man in his early-thirties open the door, expecting someone far younger. The man said that he was Gary's father but when Sarah got inside, he admitted that he was Gary. Soon afterwards, Martin and Gail Platt traced Sarah to the house after getting the address off Sarah's friend Candice Stowe, but Gary lied to them about their daughter's whereabouts so that he could get rid of them.

Sarah eventually started to find Gary rather creepy and called Candice to pick her up. Suddenly Gary took Sarah to a bedroom and locked her in there. Candice went along to the house with Todd Grimshaw to pick their friend up, but Gary told them that Sarah had returned home. As Candice and Todd were leaving they spotted her in the window so Candice telephoned Gail. When Gail arrived with Dennis Stringer they broke into Gary's house, knocked him out and rescued Sarah. Gary was taken into custody on the charge of false imprisonment but was promptly released on bail. The following month, Gail was again contacted by the police to say that they wouldn't be pressing charges against Gary.

When Sarah gave advice about online dating to her sixteen-year-old daughter Bethany in March 2017, Sarah told her about her ordeal with Gary and how he took her hostage in his home because of his manipulative persona. This worried Bethany, and Sarah told her to be careful about who she meets online. Bethany became a victim of sexual exploitation by Nathan Curtis and Sarah's grandmother Audrey Roberts criticised Sarah's lack of advice to Bethany about the dangers of the internet to her friend Rita Tanner who remembered Sarah's ordeal with Gary.

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