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Gareth Roberts (born 5th June 1968) was a storyliner (then termed a "story associate") on Coronation Street in three stints from March 1997 to April 1998 with 212 episodes to his credit.

He studied drama at the University of Winchester and Liverpool John Moores University before beginning his career as a storyline writer on the Granada Television series Springhill. From there, he moved to Coronation Street, after which he was the story editor on Emmerdale and a writer on the relaunched Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) as well as Swiss Tony and Swinging.

A huge fan of Doctor Who since his childhood, this series has influenced a great deal of his career, beginning with a number of spin-off novels in the 1990s and graduating to being a writer of six episodes of the programme following its successful return in 2005. He also wrote eighteen episodes of the televised spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures (starring Elisabeth Sladen) as well as a video game and a number of "Tardisodes". When he was a storyliner on Coronation Street, he jumped at one of a series of names suggested for Mike Baldwin's new knicker factory and it was duly christened "Underworld", that also being the name of a Doctor Who story broadcast in January 1978 starring Tom Baker.

Other television series written by him include Wizards vs. Aliens, Jekyll & Hyde and The Librarians.

Episodes storylined by Gareth Roberts

1997 (155 episodes)

1998 (57 episodes)