Gareth Philips

Gareth Philips was a Storyliner (then termed a "Story Associate") for 304 episodes of Coronation Street from February 2001 to July 2002. He then changed roles and was a Script Editor for a further 428 episodes from October 2002 to June 2004. Of the latter, One hundred-and-ninteen were co-credited with Jane Hudson, one hundred-and-eighty-three with Simon Stallworthy, and a final twenty-one with both Simon Stallworthy and Kathryn O'Connor.

He was also the producer of Coronation Street: Pantomime as well as Britannia High and Hollyoaks and executive producer of Red Rock.

His career began on Radio Clatterbridge and MFM 97.1, before becoming a television presenter on the cable TV stations Liverpool Live and Channel One. His first roles behind the scenes on television were as a researcher on You've Been Framed!, Stars in Their Eyes and Soap Fever. After leaving Coronation Street, he was a script editor on Cold Blood.

Episodes storylined by Gareth PhilipsEdit

2001 (196 episodes)

2001 (196 episodes)

Episodes script edited by Gareth PhilipsEdit

2002 (55 episodes)

2003 (248 episodes)

2004 (248 episodes)

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