Freddie Slack was an accomplice of Franny Slater in the robbery of bookie Benny Lewis's penthouse flat in October 1972.

In exchange for 10% of the £5,000 Franny stole from the flat, Freddie's task was to get Jacko Ford out of the way so that he wouldn't have an alibi. Freddie, a mate of Jacko's, lured his friend out of Weatherfield in a car on the pretext of going to see "the lads", before offering to let him in on a job stealing copper from a yard along with two other men. Having sworn not to end up back in Strangeways Jail, Jacko turned down the offer. Freddie then gave Jacko £30 for his troubles and ordered him out of the car, leaving Jacko to make his own way back to Weatherfield.

In the ensuing police investigation headed up by Det. Chief Insp. Patterson, Jacko emerged as the prime suspect in the robbery and was held on remand. However, in January 1973, Freddie was taken in for questioning and Patterson got the full story out of him, resulting in Jacko being released and the police starting a search for Franny and Sharon Duffy.